The first ad network devoted exclusively to tablet-only magazines.


We connect tablet-only magazine publishers with a vast network of advertisers and ad agencies to facilitate new opportunities for both publishers and marketers. We categorize and group similar tablet-only magazines by topic and demographic and then market packaged ad opportunities to niche, regional, or national advertisers.

Our mission is to help tablet-only magazine publishers generate additional revenue and provide marketers with convenient access to hassle-free ad purchasing in targeted packages of niche tablet-only magazines.


Tablet Publishers

Monetize your tablet magazine

  • Capture higher profile advertisers to gain additional ad revenue and boost magazine’s image.
  • Concentrate on core publishing functions while leaving the burdensome task of ad revenue generation to Tablet Ad Network.
  • Gain exposure not possible as a stand alone ad opportunity and instead reach thousands of potential advertisers and agencies as part of a larger bundled package of tablet-only magazines.

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Tablet Advertisers

Target an active & engaged demographic

  • Reach an audience who has shown by being early adopters of tablet computers that they have disposable income and are actionable buyers.
  • Enjoy a lower cost per thousand through packaged tablet-only magazine opportunities versus the higher pricing of sourcing out separately.
  • Place ads in a cutting edge medium that has all the benefits of print magazines but with all the features and lower ad costs of tablet-only magazines.

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